Josephin Doe
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hello Datta! Will you tell me something

about yourself?

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Ohh! very nice

8:22 a.m.

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can you help me?

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Payment Options

What are the Payment Types acceptable on ePayment?

Currently ePayment accepts VISA Credit Card Payment and MASTERCARD Credit Card Payment

How do I pay using a VISA card or MasterCard?

Please see "Payment Types/Credit | Debit Card" Section for details.

How is the Payment processed?

Electronic payment (Credit/Debit Card) are processed and confirmed in real time. The system acknowledges a successful payment on-screen and proceeds to confirm your order.
If the payment is rejected by the payment provider, you are also notified and directed back to your cart to try again or choose a different payment type.

Can I PAY with Cash or Cheque?

Payments with Cash or Cheque is not available as yet.

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